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Going to Graceland

Posted on: July 14, 2012

It’s been a while, I hope you remember me! I’ve had such a hectic few weeks, there’s barely been time to sleep. It’s been mental in work – we’re moving this weekend into a new building next door to Government Buildings so I had to pack up everything while also trying to get work done. I’d forgotten how dirty a job it is, ugh!

Plus, I finished work yesterday for 7 whole weeks! SEVEN! Oh yes, there will be plenty of fun and games in the weeks to come 😀 It’s a bit of bad timing though, I’d have preferred to be in on Monday to unpack in my new work home, but what can you do. I may still go in on Monday for a couple of hours, I’ll see how I feel on Monday.

So, not alone did I have all that to cope with, but it was a veritable concert fest this week too. It’s funny, you don’t go to a gig for ages and then two come along at once. Kinda like waiting for a bus I guess. The first gig was last Monday when we went to see Roxette. Hubby always liked this band – the guitarist is great – and I liked them too. But this gig was all about Alice. She LOVES them. All these years of being forced to listen to our music in the car every day has rubbed off, and she has great musical taste for an 11 year old (If I say so myself). These tickets were part of her birthday present last March. To say she was excited was an understatement!

I must say it was a great gig. BUT. The gig I was salivating about was on Thursday night. The first live performance of the Graceland album since the original tour 25 years ago. OH MY GOD I WAS SO EXCITED. I’m sure y’all know by now that I’m a Paul Simon NUT, but if you didn’t, well,  you do now! I *love* him. He’s a lyrical genius. This tour is a recreation of the original tour to mark the 25th anniversary of the magic that is the Graceland album. The whole original ensemble got back together.

I bounced the whole week thinking about this gig, and then I discovered that to add a cherry on top of my cake of joy, LadySmith Black Mambazo were tweeting the whole thing! They are so lovely, we’ve had some great chats on Twitter. It made it even more special for me.

Here are a couple of shots that hubby took with my new camera. All in all he took almost 150 shots of the night. Treasured memories. But these are some of my favourites. The set background:

The man himself. *sigh* I love him so.

LadySmith Black Mambazo. They were *fantastic*

The concert was almost 3 hours long, and I adored every minute of it. It was very poignant to hear the album that changed my life in so many ways the first time I heard it, when I was just 14. I never thought I’d get to see it performed live, as my parents wouldn’t let me go to the concert in 1987. (I think I might have cried a little bit during it. Don’t tell anyone.)



3 Responses to "Going to Graceland"

What a lovely post! Glad you got to go to those great concerts. Enjoy your holidays!

Hooray for you to get to enjoy a favorite in concert! He is one talented guy, for sure. Oh, my, if I only had seven weeks off…I might not ever go back! Enjoy!!!

How do you get seven weeks off?? I had two weeks off at my job and you would have thought I was crowned Queen Mary the way everyone was carrying on!

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