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Defibrillator, stat!

Posted on: July 18, 2012

Remember this yarn?

It’s Lang Jawoll Magic Dégradé that I bought a long time ago. I was rooting for a new project to knit (anything other than finish the Aquaphobia socks) and I came across this:

(Picture from Interweave Press). It’s the Bistro Lace Stole by Daniela Nii. Isn’t it yum? It looks like crochet, but it’s knit. Now the pattern uses aran weight yarn – Lornas Laces Lion & Lamb to be precise – but I thought I’d see how it went using the fingering weight Lang yarn. I figured I’d just make motifs until I ran out & see what I ended up with. The pattern uses two motifs, a star:

and a diamond shape that joins them together. I’ve done a few:

And I think it’s going ok so far, if a bit boring. My first impressions of it are that it’s going to need a helluva blocking when it’s done! I’ll probably end up with something more scarf sized than a stole, but that’s okay. Each motif doesn’t take too long, it’s just the repetetiveness that’s killing me. But if I do one each day or two then it shouldn’t take too much longer.

I needed something else on the needles too, for in between motifs. (Don’t mention the socks, I’m not listening LALALALA). So, I hauled out my kit for the Rams & Yowes blanket!

Mmm. Shetland wool. Better than therapy. I adore these sheep!

So I was knitting away, thinking yum thoughts all the time and feeling good about myself. Then came last night. Tuesday nights are knit night here, so I packed up my blanket and headed off to the local coffee shop. I hadn’t knit half a round when one of the girls, Maria, stopped me. Can you see why she did?

No? How about now:

That there is a BIG TWIST. A mobius mistake, if you will. Cue my reaction:

After I was resuscitated with coffee and pity, I thought for a minute. This blanket is steeked at the end and the border is picked up & knit outwards. So, dear knitty blogosphere, if I’m steeking it anyway, does the twist matter? Can I continue and just steek at the end and all will be ok?

I’d appreciate any replies. I’m afraid to knit any more of it in case I have to rip back (the horror). While I’m deciding what to do, I can knit a motif or two on the stole or it’s take out the sock time. We all know I don’t want to do that….

Good knitting! (Unlike me right now).


7 Responses to "Defibrillator, stat!"

My heart is actually palpitating for you! I have no experience of steeks but logically it would seem ok to me to keep going. I bet if you emailed Kate she would advise you. She seems really nice and approachable.

Ooh! I have no advice on whether it will work, but I am wishing you the best of luck with it!

What a dilemma!! I think I might try a little twisted swatch and cut it to see what happens! I cringe right along with you to think of taking out all that work. Your scarf/wrap is certainly interesting! It’s wow! I do crochet and can’t imagine knitting those little things. I think it will be gorgeous when finished though. Keep on keeping on!

I can’t see how it would be a problem to just continue, unless it irritates you. Can you steek the bit you’ve done, untwist it, and then continue in the round from there?

How good is it that you realized the twist could be steeked out BEFORE you frogged the whole thing!? lol.

Hey there ! I love the Lang and that is going to be a beautiful shawl. Sorry about the mistake with the sheep. At least you hadn’t gotten too far ! Your blog is looking good. I actually had time to do a post. Talk to you soon lady !

Absolutely it will work, it just might get a bit bulky towards the end. Best of luck!

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