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You say Ravellenics, I say Ravelympics

Posted on: August 1, 2012

I know, I know, I shouldn’t mention the Ravelympics word, but I’m struggling to get Ravellenics in my head. Ravelympics just fits so much better, y’know?

It’s been a mental few days here. I brought my parents away last week for a few days and it all went to hell in a handbasket. Last Thursday at 4.30am I found Mam collapsed on the floor outside the bathroom. Don’t ask me how but I managed to get us all back to Dublin and Mam to hospital where she has been ever since. It seems to be pneumonia, and I’m just trying to cope at the moment. It’s an endless cycle of home, hospital, Dad, home, bed, hospital etc. Poor Alice isn’t gettting much time with me at all. So much for my 7 weeks off to spend time with her. 3 gone already!

With all the sitting around in hospitals I’ve been powering ahead with my Ravelympics (sue me) knitting:

Pattern: Ruched Yoke Tee by AnneLena Mattison from Interweave Knits Summer 2011

Yarn: Rico Essentials Cotton, 4.5 skeins

Needles: 4mm


I cast on for this during the opening ceremony and finished it on Monday – a weekend project! I can’t believe I knit it so quickly. Alice LOVES it, I didn’t even get a chance to block it, she wore it yesterday. This is my entry for the Sweater Triathlon. I await my medal with heady anticipation! One comment about this pattern is that the neck is HUGE. it slips off Alice’s shoulders all the time.

My next medal attempt is in the Baby Dressage event:

This oddly shaped piece is destined to become a Flared Baby Jacket by EZ from Knit One Knit All. I imagine if my last garment is anything to go by that this will be finished in no time! I’m using the yumminess that is Araucania Ruca Multy – sugar cane yarn! ooh!


Good knitting (and good wishes for my Mam)!


7 Responses to "You say Ravellenics, I say Ravelympics"

that sugar cane yarn is so nice to knit with, feels so nice in the hands!

I am in awe. That is all.

I don’t know how you do it all. My thoughts are with you and your family.

As for the knitting – you are a machine!! I think my ravelympics projects will be wip busting but I eh havent got started yet. I love the colour of the sugar cane yarn. What’s it like to knit with?

Oh Sinead, I had no idea about your mum! Poor all of you. I hope she’s getting good care in hospital, and that you’re able to get a break at some point.

Hope your Mum recovers soon. Don’t worry, there’s a few weeks of hols left and hopefully you and Alice will both be able to enjoy some of them.
Love the Ruched Yoke Tee, absolutely fab!

I’m doing a bunch of little projects, dyeing, spinning and little mittens so far. Weaving next 🙂 I love the tshirt. Can’t believe you knit it so fast!

I love the construction of it…and it fits beautifully… What a great way to start off your medal-earning knits!

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