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Posted on: August 22, 2012

Sometimes the best thing about blogging is that it makes you stop and take stock of what you are actually producing. This week has been especially helpful for me, as I can’t quite believe how much I’ve managed to get done, all things considered!


First of all, I finished my socks:

Just some plain jane socks using a skein and a bit of Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn and 2.5mm needles. They’re nice & comfy though!

I finished them in the car on Saturday when we went down to Cork to Fibre Feis. This is an annual gathering of knitters, spinners & crocheters in the lovely Sue & Phils house. Most people camp there, but I’m no girl scout. I need my flushing toilet and a bed with a mattress! We ended up going down and back on the same day, which was approx 6 hours of driving. Well, hubby did the driving, I did the knitting & wine drinking 😉


I cast on for this shawl while there too, and finished it last night:

Pattern: Multnomah by Kate Ray

Yarn: Zettl Sirmione sock yarn (total bargain, 4 skeins for €5 from Lidl). I used a skein and a bit

Needles: 3.25mm Addi bamboo circs. I bound off with a 4mm needle to make sure the edging was nice & stretchy.

I just have to block it and it’s ready to go to HandmAid. You may remember that I taught cardmaking at this craft day last year, which raised €5,000 for Oxfam in Somalia. This year, funds raised are going to the DSPCA. I’ve been asked to teach again (they must be mad) and I’m strongly considering doing it if things settle down with the parents.

Have you any cardmaking skillz or brilliant ideas you think would be good for me to teach? let me know!


Now onto the reason for the blog post title. Last Thursday and Friday I resurrected my 103 year old hand crank sewing machine and got busy. After about an hour trying to remember how to use it, I got going on a Charm Roll Bag. Basically it’s a kit that contains 10 strips of co-ordinating fabric, some lining and instructions on how to sew a bag. All I needed to add to it was some wadding and perspiration!


First I had to sew 8 of the strips together to make the body of the bag:

Then line it with wadding:

Then add the lining and handles. I also decided to add a pocket for my phone etc:


And here’s the finished article!

I am SO proud of this bag, I never thought I’d be able to produce something like this. I think it’s the most beautiful bag ever. I shall treasure it. It’s not perfect, but for a first ever attempt and on a very old hand crank machine I think it’s brilliant. Worth every penny, I’m definitely going to make another one! Actually, I have some food related fabric upstairs that one of the lovely knitting group ladies gave me that would be perfect for a shopping bag…..


In other news, Mam is home from hospital and seems to be settling in ok at home. She’s still very confused but hopefully it will lessen. I think she doesn’t realise that she’s home and not in hospital. Which is weird, because when she was in hospital she thought she was at home. Anyway, I’m currently battling with the Health Service to try and get some extra home help for her and battling with Dad to get the garage converted into a bedroom with an ensuite so she can have a wash. Fun, fun fun! Oh, and only a week and a half left out of my 7 weeks off 😦


Good knitting! (and sewing)


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The bag is fantastic. Sewing is on my list of things to learn One Day 🙂 Hope very much that you get some holiday to yourself!

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