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Vogue/Designer Knitting Fall 2012 Review

Posted on: August 25, 2012

This is a quick and dirty review of the Fall 2012 edition of Vogue Knitting. There are some gems in here I just couldn’t ignore!

This is the magazines 30th anniversary (pearl) issue, so the first section is called Knits and Pearls.

The first pattern is a wedding dress by Nicky Epstein. I’d hate to be the bride in this outfit, the skirt is totally see through.

Next we have a floofy cape. VKs obsession with mohair continues.

Next is a “dress”. A bit short to be called that in my book, but I do like the shaping in the ribbing. The pearls at the empire waistline are a bit OTT for me though.

These are called socks. Hmm. The laces up the back are a bit mad, as are all the beads. Painful!

This is a decent enough sweater, but the armholes are terribly big. Lots of bra flashing if you wore this. I’d make them much smaller. I do like the stitch pattern though.

Onwards to the next section, ccalled Wanderlust. Not so sure about that title, it’s more stripe city to me. This first sweater is a real mish mash of techniques, a bit busy for me.

This cardigan really annoys me. Why would you bother going to the trouble of knitting fair isle only to wear it inside out? Plus your stranding tension would have to be perfect to get away with it.

This next one is a bit old fashioned for me. Reminds me of a Chanel jacket. I like the colours together though.

This one is just plain mad. It’s all over the place – gypsy style bodice with a gazillion colours and so many bobbles it’d kill you to make.

I like this one, a lovely fitted jacket. Shame it’s only in teeny sizes 😦

Stop the presses. It’s a plain striped cardigan. Groundbreaking.

This one looks like the designer ran out of yarn before the end. It’s a good 3 inches too short, and the bottom isn’t straight either. Why would you knit this? If you need to wear a woollen sweater then it’s obviously not warm, so why would you wear this one that’d give you a kidney infection?

This is a simple enough cardi that has a couple of rows of different colours at the hem & cuffs. Yawn. It also looks like a tent on the model.

Now on to the section that raises a bone of contention for me, Ode to the Aran. There’s an article in the magazine about Rosaleen Hegarty, she of the Clan Arans fame. I’m not linking to her site as I won’t give her the publicity. There’s so much about the article that’s wrong that I don’t know where to start. Aran stitches are based on families? Nope. The knitting “hobby craze” hasn’t taken off in Ireland? HELL NOPE. etc etc etc. It boiled my blood to read such hogwash.

Anyway, on to the patterns. I’m a sucker for a good cable, so I do like most of these. This coat is fabulous, but there’s no way I’d ever knit or wear it.

Norah Gaughan triumphs again with this one. I adore everything about it. Well, apart from the colour.

This is a fairly average cable cardigan. But I don’t like the blank space either side of the body. It’s like the designer couldn’t get the stitch counts to work out and just didn’t bother making it work.

These mittens are nice. Even better though, if I remember correctly they’re designed by a teenage girl! Woo!

I don’t like this I have to say. Too big & chunky and the stitch patterns don’t flow into each other, it’s all a bit disjointed.

Fingerless gloves. That go halfway up your arm. I have nothing else to say about these. If it’s cold enough to want gloves that go to your elbows, wouldn’t you want fingers? Also spot the zombie model.

This sweater is all kinds of messed up. It’s sewn together from two strips and looks like it too. Wut? And what’s with the strap across the top at the back? I don’t get this at all. if you look at the 360 video on the website it’s all kinds of misshapen and hangs dreadfully on the model.

Boring. That is all.

For some strange reason, I love this. I think it’s the vintage feel of it, with the cheeky peplum hem. I’d love to be able to wear this, but I reckon anyone with large hips would look really weird.

What is the model doing in this picture? Weirdest pose ever. Nice sweater though, shame they didn’t finish the cables on the back.

On to the final section, the VK Mohair Obsession Glamour Gallery. I find it hard to be objective about this section, I can’t stop itching. First up is a mohair sweater. *scratch*

I don’t know what this is. Look at the armholes in the right picture, you’d fit a bus in there. Drafty!

Umm… it’s a top that’s not a top as it’s so wide at the neck it’s falling down. Maybe a large boob tube?

THIS. This is the garment of the year for me. LOOK! It’s Mohair! With tufty bits! And a hood!

When I first saw this I actually laughed out loud and said “it’s Cookie Monster”!

Then I watched the 360 video. Go watch it. NOW. I can’t link to the specific garment as it’s an embedded video, but select the glamour gallery from the menu and it’s pattern No. 27. Watch till the end. I’m not kidding, the commentator says “You can be a muppet, or just look like one”. Comedy gold right there.

This sweater is a bit strange, the arms look like they have frills hanging down from them. hmm. I do like the turtleneck though.

Ooh! it’s a stripy sweater. BUT. It’s knit sideways. Stop the presses. *yawn*

This is the final pattern, a scarf that’s designed using the pearl yarn that Zealana specially designed for the VK anniversary. Apparently only 300 skeins were made (why?) so it’s exclusive. Shame. I’d have bought some. The lace pattern looks really pretty, it’s a shame it’s all bundled round the model’s neck so you can’t see it properly. I’ll probably knit this.

Aaand that’s yer lot! Hope you enjoyed the review, brief as it is. Now go watch the 360 muppet video again. You know you want to. Comedy gold.


6 Responses to "Vogue/Designer Knitting Fall 2012 Review"

I love your VK reviews! They save me money 🙂 and I agree with practically everything you say. Now I’m off to look up that Norah Gaughan one….

Oh my goodness. Speechless. ;-D

Wow – I just watched that video and the Muppet I was reminded of was Big Bird’s friend, you know, that sort of woolly mammoth – Snuffleofagus(sp!!!)! I feel like stalking the Ravelry page for that design to see if anyone actually makes it. And takes a photo. That they are willing to let PEOPLE see!

Excellent review-my thoughts exactly!
Carol Ann

I know I must be crazy but I would love to try to make the Folkloric Tunic by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton but I can’t find a pattern for it. Where should I look?

I think a lot of your comments were unfair!

Ran out of yarn?? You sound like my dad when I was a teenager “is that a skirt or a belt? :s it’s fashion lol each to their own.

I personally love the Folklore one and purchased the magazine just for that pattern!

Boob tube comment, again it’s called fashion. I love that look. You sound like an old fuddy duddy, who was just moaning for the sake of it….weird

And I have to ask….was that sarcasm, about the mittens ?

I think it’s great that younger people like myself are taking up knitting, otherwise the craft would eventually die out.

Big thumbs down to your review.

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