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Interweave Knits Fall 2012 Review

Posted on: August 27, 2012

I’m on a roll this week with my magazine reviews. Here’s my quick review of Interweave Knits Fall 2012. Some of the photos are Godzilla sized, apologies for that. Blame Interweave for putting up giganto-pics on their site. I noticed a bit of a lack of articles in this issue. The second part of a list of knitting needles, a bio of a strange fibre artist, a listing of yarns made in the USA & a nice article on Andean knitting. Apart from the last one there really is nothing of substance.

The paper quality has really declined too. I’ve noticed over the last couple of issues that it’s been much thinner. 😦

Anyhoo, on to the patterns! The first one is a fairly basic pullover but there’s interesting detail at the edgings using a lighter weight yarn. Not something I’d make though. I’ve notied IK has trended towards slim fitting garments over the last while. Even if they are offered in a greater range of sizes than Vogue, they’re still not exactly practical for us fuller gals.

A sweater with a cable square on the yoke. *yawn* The neckline looks a bit stretched and the sleeves are all kinds of baggy.

This sweater uses strips of lighter yarn in drop stitches in between the heavier yarn. Not a look for me, your bra straps would be really visible. Plus the hemline looks very untidy in the magazine pictures. The colours are nice together though.

These next couple of pictures have a bit of a Thelma & Louise road trip feel about them. This sweater is decidedly average. Swirly type cables on a decreasing yoke.

Socks. I like socks 🙂 These are nice, they’d be great for work in a more muted tone.

A felted bag with cables and bobbles. Shudder. Bobbles. And you have to felt them. Bobbles are evil.

This sweater is most definitely one for all you skinny minnies out there. Look how fitted (and long) it is! You’d have to be like a rake not to have issues with the lower tummy part. Especially with the kangaroo pouch pocket. But if you are a skinny minnie, wear away.

This is ok in parts. Well, one part. I like the cable repeat down the front & the fact that it’s a v neck. Otherwise I think it’s too short to be of any practical use and the picot edgings are just ick.

This is a nice aran style hat. The model is wearing it at a very strange angle though!

A cable cowl. According to the description they’re “unusual cables”. I can’t tell because the picture shows it all bunched up. Ah! I found another photo later in the magazine. It’s a central panel of honeycomb with a few cables either side that I’ve seen loads of times before.

Now this I like. A mans sweater (can I get a YAY?) that’s not so plain you’d want to commit hari kari halfway through knitting it, but equally not so elaborate that all our men folk would refuse to wear it. This may be going on my Christmas to-do list for hubby.

It’s a zig zag hat. It’s nice enough I guess, but I can’t help thinking of tyre tread patterns.

If you haven’t committed hari kari at the thoughts of the mens sweater earlier, you sure would at this one! It’s a *really* long coat that’s knit in twisted rib. OMG I’d be in a lunatic asylum if I tried this. Imagine!

I like the idea of these mittens, the stitch pattern is nice, but the tips of the fingers are all kinds of messed up. Look how wide they are! No decreasing at all, it looks like. I wouldn’t be able to do anything wearing these, the extra fabric would get caught in everything. I likes me a fitted mitten tip. Much nicer (and more snug) for driving in.

I just can’t bring myself to say too much about this sweater. It has a lovely vintage feel and the colours are nice, but it’s a bit matronly I think. Maybe if it wasn’t modelled by someone so young? I dunno.

A felted cloche hat with a flower on the side. Not exactly breaking down innovation barriers, but then I’m not really a hat person so maybe it is nice?

Whatever about the previous cloche, HELL no to this one. Looks like an upside down flower pot.

These gloves remind me of the Jetsons.
Remember the outfits they wore? Turn her upside down & you have the cuffs on the gloves, no?

A cardigan with umbrellas. Cute, but think carefully before you dive in. That there is intarsia, my friends. Yep. Millions and squillions of little balls of purple & white dangling from your knitting, playing with each other & getting all tangled up until you just want to fling the thing in the garbage. Yep. Cute cardigan with umbrellas.

A nice colourwork motif. Not so sure about the short sleeves on a warm sweater with a turtleneck. Maybe the designer ran out of yarn?

A bag. Mmm. Not much I can say really, except it reminds me of a kit I saw on the Knit Picks site once. I doubt it’d hold very much. Not bad though.

A decent enough cardigan. I’d probably have preferred if the pockets matched the fair isle motif on the top. I don’t think the button choice helps it either, but I bet it’d be lovely & comfy curled up on the sofa.

Aww. A hobby horse head made out of a sock. Aww.

And that’s yer lot! I’m off for a much needed cup of tea now. Normal blogging will resume soon.


Good knitting!


4 Responses to "Interweave Knits Fall 2012 Review"

I might make the green one, but with a proper witch’s Point 🙂 hehehe

I just love your reviews, S! You never pull any punches. That said, the criticisms are fair. I’d love to get a closer look at that cloche but the flower strikes a bum note for some reason..

Well Sinead, you are in fine fettle 😀 I love the look of the long cables jumper, although not on me of course. But I have a real problem with warm jumpers with short sleeves. What is the point. I’d freeze. Totally agree with you on that one.

I quite agree as well. (Also @ Jenny). They should have knitted the jumper a bit shorter in total, that should have saved some yarn for normal sleeves ;-)).
If at all a woolly thing for a winter office (with somewhat shorter sleeves, that is), then what about the neckline? You wouldn’t last half an hour with a decent heating, would you?

All said and done, I have not renewed my latest subscription to this mag and am having second thoughts after this review… mmmh, will have to ponder a bit more and read this great review again.
Thank you.

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