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Never Ending Blanket

Posted on: September 26, 2012

Remember this song?

For those of you young enough not to remember this, I hate you ALL. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s from a movie called the Neverending Story. Every round I knit of my Rams & Yowes, this song is in my head, only it’s Neverending Blanket. LOOK:

At this stage the blob is HUGE. Huge I tells ya. It’s taking me for-fricking-ever to do a round. The other night I finished doing 4 rounds each of all 9 shades. WOOHOO! I thought, I’ve finished!!!


When will I ever learn and read a pattern all the way through before I start? God knows. When I finished all 36 rounds and had about 800+ stitches on the needles, I read the next bit. Repeat the 9 shades again, this time decreasing every second round instead of increasing.


I’m two shades through on the second go. 7 more left.

Sing along with me: “Never-ending blaaaaan-ket.”

In other news, perhaps desperate to either send myself to the loonie bin or in awful need of some distraction, I bought the latest copy of Knit Today magazine because of this guy on the cover:

They say it’s a witch bag, but I think it’s more like Frankenstien. It’s bound to send me to the loony bin, but I intend to knit it anyway. I’m a bit of a masochist I guess. Nothing t0o fifty shades-y, but I suppose I enjoy inflicting mental pain on myself by picking super difficult or super annoying patterns to knit.

Last Saturday was HandmAid, and I taught a cardmaking class. I think it went well, no-one demanded their money back or anything, so that’s a success in my book! There were great crowds throughout the day and we raised approx €5,000 for the DSPCA, a good days work I think you’ll agree!

In other (brilliant) news, it’s 4 weeks tomorrow until my Florida holidays! Woot! I must get busy filling my Webs and KnitPicks baskets in advance of my trip. Also, you know it means I’m looking for sock pattern suggestions for my airplane knitting. A knitty gal can’t go on a 9+ hours flight without some knitting. Otherwise I’d end up strangling my daughter & husband and possibly some other passengers. Not a pretty sight. So, sock pattern answers on a postcard please!

Good knitting!


3 Responses to "Never Ending Blanket"

I would send you a post card with my suggestion on socks, but I haven’t your address. So….try the toe up two at a time…..but I suggest you do the practice socks first and then knit like mad on the plane. Have a safe trip!!! Oh, and Please Please post a picture of the finished ‘blob’ blanket. :()

I did not mean to make a frowny face….I meant to make a smiley face. 🙂

I must look out for that copy of Knit Today because our trusty Halloween/blackberry-gathering bucket has sprung a leak! No good collecting goodies if you are going to deposit them all over the neighbourhood!

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