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Posted on: October 1, 2012

LOOK! It’s finished!!!

Pattern: Rams & Yowes by the very talented Kate Davies

Yarn: The uber scrummy Jamieson & Smith Natural Shetland, all 9 shades

Needles: 3mm circulars

I started this on July 14th, and have more or less knit on it exclusively. I reckon there’s about 6 weeks worth of solid knitting in this, almost 3 of which were the bloody edging. Oh. My. God. Purling in the round just sucks your will to live. The edging didn’t half drag on. I actually ran out of several of the colours when knitting the back of the edging, so I had to fudge it a bit with remaining shades.

The sewing down of the edging & steeks took me almost the *whole* day on Sunday. Sheesh. It’s not the neatest edging, but I think it’ll do:

I’m actually cheating a bit. You’re supposed to pick up around the edge & icord a black border to highlight the folded edge.

Screw that. This blanket is DONE y’all.

Never again. Until her next amazing design, I suspect.


In other news, I didn’t make the finalists in the Best Craft Blog category of the Irish Blog Awards. *sob* Ah I’m still delighted to have made the shortlist. To me that’s great praise, so thank you, dear readers, and good luck to the finalists!

Good knitting!


7 Responses to "Baaa!"

That is super beautiful! I wish I could do intarsia like you but it looks too hard.

Icord edging!!! I wonder if anyone has bothered with it!? 🙂 Looks fantastic.

Bea-ewe-tiful work!

It’s beautiful!

The most beautiful blanket ever!!! I can’t even dream of doing something like that, it’s way beyond my skill. Good job!

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