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And so it begins

Posted on: October 4, 2012

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but… I have started my Christmas knitting. I know, I know, this is far too organised for me. If I’m truthful, it’s because I just wanted something simple and uncomplicated to knit after the Rams & Yowes blanket, and knew this sock yarn for hubby wouldn’t take a stitch pattern:

The yarn is a lot more vibrant than this photo. I blame it on the crappy dark evenings that are drawing in, sucking all the life out of the world. I hate the dark evenings. The photo is a bit shaky too, I must have hit some button on the camera that controlled that, my other photos were never that wobbly.

Starting hubbys Christmas socks has me thinking about other peoples gift knitting. Alice, of course, loves hand knit socks. So I went searching and found these two possibles:

Tardis Socks Dr. Who Tardis socks! Alice is Dr Who MAD. But, then there are these:  Weeping Angel Socks She’s a bit terrified of the Weeping Angels. These could be really cool.

I’ve also been searching for possibles for the plane. So far, I’ve come across Almondine Socks, which I think I love more because of the yarn colour, Cascade of Leaves Socks, which are cute and Boo! in honour of the Hallowe’en holidays. Decisions, decisions. I have more searching to do.
One pair of socks I know I won’t be making are these: Bobble Socks of horror. Socks that have bobbles. LOTS of bobbles. Alice might be afraid of the weeping angels, but bobbles on socks are the kind of thing that would keep me up at nights. Shudder.

In other news, I’ll be a busy gal this weekend. I’m going to make my Christmas puddings. I know! More Christmas stuff! Next thing you know I’ll be wearing a Santa hat and singing Jingle Frickin’ Bells. But believe me, it’s worth it to get these babies made in advance. The longer they have to mature before you eat them, the better. I have been known to eat Christmas pudding that was a year old. And it was good.

Good knitting (or pudding making)!


5 Responses to "And so it begins"

Excellent socks 🙂 I must start planning my Halloween knits 🙂

I’m impressed with your forethought. I’ll have a very restricted budget this year so I need to get my thinking cap on soon!

I saw lots of sock-queuing and fav-ing activity by you on my friends page on Rav and I thought “huh-ho! Sinead is getting ready for her flight to US!” You’ve picked out some lovely socks and reminded me of a few I want to make to.
Good luck with the C-word knitting. Best to get stuck in early.

I too have started Christmas knitting….socks and a sweater. The sweater I started in July (I think…it’s been sooooo long I can’t remember).

Well, I’m certainly impressed! I’m not sure I ever finished my summer knitting…

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