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Knitmas time is here… Part 1

Posted on: December 3, 2012

You might remember that each year, a group of us knitters on Twitter take part in a Christmas swap, Knitmas. It’s so much fun! Last year I got a fantastic haul and hopefully my swap pal was pleased with her goodies. This year, I was gifting to Doogarry. Sadly for reasons unknown to me, I don’t have any pictures of the parcel I made up for her. I could have sworn I took some! Anyway, follow the link to her blog and she has written a lovely post about her parcel. I’m so glad she liked it!

The part 1 title is because I haven’t got mine yet. Any day now I hope! The excitement is killing me. When it does arrive, I’ll do a part 2. 🙂 I can’t wait to find out who my Knitmas elf is!

In the meantime, I have HUGE news. Huge. I CAN HAZ CROCHET!

Look! I made chicken egg cozies! Cutest thing ever.
Funky Chicken
Pattern: Chicken Egg Cozies from a booklet I got in Michaels.

Yarn: Lily Sugar n Cream, various colours

Hook: 5mm

Not only have I crocheted, but I translated from US crochet terms into European terms! I am mad proud of myself. They actually were very easy to do, once I figured it out. They’re not perfect, but I love them.

Funky Chicken
I had so much fun, I made two! I think they’ll have pride of place in my kitchen, to replace the poor old David Bowie doll that used to sit on top of the cooker hood. They’re too cute to use for eggs!
Funky Chicken
Of course, now I want to crochet ALL the things. Yippee!

Good knitting!


5 Responses to "Knitmas time is here… Part 1"

Hehehe, I learned to crochet at HandmAid. I won’t be giving up my knitting needles any time soon but it’s nice to know one stick isn’t as scary as it sounds. I’m still waiting for my Knitmas gift too, I got a secret message to say it was being posted today. I’m so excited!!!

What? You haz a David Bowie doll? I wanna see that!

And. Oh yes. Fabulous chicks.

OMG you didn’t see the horror that was the David bowie doll? Here you go: We used to sing songs about “kill me now” & “my life is such pain” in a David Bowie voice all the time in the kitchen. When we got the kitchen done up last year poor David was consigned to the rubbish tip of misery 😦

cool chicks – but won’t the eggs go cold with the holes in the chickies?:) never mind – they do look cute on a shelf, too…. enjoy your parcel, when it arrives!


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