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Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Posted on: December 8, 2012

Every so often, a knitter falls from grace. By that I mean they knit something that goes against every fibre of their knitty being or in my case, buy can-can type yarn.

I have no affinity to this yarn, as this post testifies, but sometimes bad things happen to good knitters. I saw the yarn in Michaels when on holidays and I can only excuse myself by saying that some sort of fog came over my brain, because 5 balls of it ended up in my basket. In my defence, it was only $1.99 a ball and Alice really wanted me to buy it. I blame it on sunstroke.

So, there it sat, looking at me. I was afraid to blog about it for fear of my knitty friends laughing at me (deservedly). But then I thought about it. Surely the mark of a good knitter is someone who can rescue a dodgy yarn and make it better, no? Well, here’s my attempt at redeeming can-can yarn. I made garlands/tinsel for the Christmas tree.
A white one:

A red one:

A God knows what colour one:
We’re putting up the tree tomorrow, so I hope that when hidden in with the other decorations they will look ok. Hubby and Alice like them, so maybe there’s hope. But I think we should strike a deal right now, dear reader. I promise never to buy another skein of this yarn again, if you promise to keep reading. Deal? Yay!


In other better news, my crochet bug is still biting. I made this the other night:
Pattern: Sunray Dishcloth from the same Lily booklet as the chickens in the last post.

Yarn: Lily Sugar n Cream, less than 1 ball of yellow

Hook: 5mm

It took me three goes to get this right, but that was all down to my inexperience. It’s turned out really big though, I’m not sure if that’s my tension or not. It seems large for a dishcloth. But, I like it, so that’s the main thing.

Not much else to report, really. The Budget was this week, so I was up to my eyeballs in work. It went well though (from my perspective. I know many folks are not happy.) so that’s the main thing. Roll on the first of the Christmas drinks next week! Can’t wait. Until then, I’ll be up to my armpits in Christmas decorations 🙂


Good knitting!



2 Responses to "Making the Best of a Bad Situation"

Actually, that’s not a bad use for it.

But it’s not going on my Christmas tree. Ever.

I have something similar that I bought 6 skeins of because… I thought they would make good gifts. Then, I tried to knit number one. Dear heavens, I hate this stuff. I mean, loathe, detest, would never wear, EVER!!!! What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I’m a new knitter, two months and they looked…ready for it, easy and cheap. Time is money and I lost plenty. I can knit cables, lace, learning every day. I can’t make the bloody scarf. Of course, if I managed to get it off my pile and worked with it…I don’t want to, so there. THPFFFT!! I think I will gift it to a friend who loves this yarn and sells heaps of the ruffled stuff. Happy Festivus. LOL!!!

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