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Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Posted on: February 20, 2013

I’m on my lunch break in work, so here goes with a quick & snappy review of Vogue Knitting’s Spring/Summer 2013 issue. I know I skipped the Winter issue, but I don’t think it’s worth going back to it at this late stage.
As usual, you all know I love this magazine and this is intended to be a light-hearted review of the patterns. All pictures are taken from the Vogue Knittingwebsite.

First up is a section called Sheer Magic. Describes as “breezy seafoam, airy lace: its a fashion fusion as refreshing as spring itself”. Hmm. Evocative images float in my head. Will it live up to it?
The first pattern is a tunic type top. I don’t have much to say about it really, except it’s plain in front and lacy at the back. While I like the stitch pattern, I don’t fancy the thought of my bra straps being on show, or the drafts it would let in. Also, it’s weirdly saggy just at the hips. Where every girl needs extra baggy-ness.


This next top is a bit meh. I’ve seen this type of garment countless times before. The batwing sleeves are not my cup of tea to be honest.


This cardigan is all kinds of wrong. The length is just in the in-between place, neither long nor regular length. I think the placement of the colour stripes is also drawing the eye to the hips in a bad way. But. The sleeves. What? The armholes start just above the garter stitch hem! Wtf is that. With the lacy holes, all you’d need is a gust of wind and you’d take off like a flying squirrel!


This next pattern is nice. Lovely stitch and the colour is lush. No complaints here, except I hope that butterfly doesn’t poo on the models shoulder.


This next one looks to me like it’s trying to be all things to all people. Vintage? Check. Lacy? Check. Stripy? Check. Short? Check. Nice? Fail.


This one is just odd. The back is string vest man. (See previous reviews for string vest man in all his “glory”) The front is a regular cardigan. So which is it? Lacy summer or autumn cardigan. Maybe it has a split personality. In which case I should knit this.


And so endeth the magic section, with possibly the most magic pattern of all. A string dress. Oh yes. Behold. It’s just, it’s like, it’s, oh hell. I’m actually speechless. All I can manage is hahahahaha.


Moving on swiftly to the next section, Optical Illusion. It’s like a 60s disco. Geometric black & white. The first offering is a dress that, in fairness, if I was 16 again and a size -4 I’d wear it.


This “jumper”? Hell no I won’t go. VK seem to love risking kidney infections among their knitters. I don’t know where you live, but spring here is cold. Like scrape the ice off your car in the morning cold. If I wore this? Not only would the entirety of Dublin die laughing, but I’d be in the nearest hospital peeing razor blades from an infection.


Oddly, I like this next one, with some reservations. 1. It appears to be knit in mohair, that fibre so beloved by VK. 2. It has no sleeves. I don’t do no sleeves. 3. Well ok, I can only come up with 2 at the moment. It has possibilities.


I refer you back to my comments on the first pattern in this section. Also, I think this’d make a nice cardigan. Hmm.


This is mega lol. What is it? Is it a top? A tunic? A sack? I’m not sure. Whatever it is, it’s not flattering.


This next one reminds me of that famous dishcloth pattern, the ballband dishcloth. I’d probably end up drying the dishes with it, or washing the cooker top.


What is this. These next 2 patterns are an ensemble. I use the word ensemble in the loosest sense. The cardigan is all sorts of fun fur madness and the “top”? What is that. It’s like someone started a sweater, got bored after a few inches and decided to call it a boob tube. Wrong. So wrong.


Oh look! A nautical but nice sweater. I’m bowled over. Or should that be I’m thrown overboard?


The next section is called Dynamic Duo, two patterns from Tom Scott and Anna Sui. The first one is what appears to be a cowl with a hole down one side so you can wear it as a cowl with a hole down one side. Super weird.


Once you get back off the floor from laughing at the state of the models dress, this cardigan is ok I suppose. Apart from the lack of any sort of shaping. The sides hang at the strangest of angles. Maybe its not so ok after all.


Let’s move on to Parlor Pastels. I don’t know about you, but here in Ireland, the parlour was the nicest room in the house that you were never allowed into as it was kept only for visitors so you could pretend your whole house was this nice, when instead it was a filthy heap of kids, laundry and dirty dishes. I’m not so confident about this section. Never mind the pastels part.

The first pattern is ok I suppose, I’m shocked! Worn over your swimming togs on holidays only, though. I wouldn’t leave the house wearing this as any kind of a covering up garment. Although, a camisole underneath would be nice. Hmm. Maybe I’m liking this more & more.


Omg omg omg bobbles. On the hips!!! *runs away*


Yawn. Boring.


I like the stitch pattern, but another batwing sweater. What is this trend? Is it that designers have forgotten how to do armhole shaping?


This is nice, even if it is another see through top. The colour doesn’t help it either. It reminds me of world war 2 vintage wear. Pretty.


Oh god. A hoodie. With no sleeves. And it only buttons down half way. Another garment with an identity crisis. Why on earth would you want a hood if you’ve no sleeves? Surely the hood is for warmth? Unless you’re a bank robber who wants to look chic while you hold up the local branch on wages day. The seam in the centre of the hood is all kinds of bad too.


Second last section now, Cotton Soft. This first wrap would be a great introduction to lace knitting, it’d knit up in no time in such bulky yarn.


Why wasn’t this bag in the optical illusion section? It’d fit better there. Anyway, it’s a black & white bag. That’s not felted, so you’d better put some strong lining in there.


A clapotis top. Drafty. Useless. Yawn.


The final section is 6 different types of collars by Louisa Harding. Why? I suppose if you’ve ever seen the tv series Cranford, you might want to make one. One of the characters lost her collar and it was eaten by a pig. They had to wait until it was “recycled” so they could wash & reuse it. I’d rather knit one of these than do that.







That’s your lot! Hope you enjoyed it! I’ve an Interweave Knits review to do next. In the meantime, good knitting!


10 Responses to "Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2013 Review"

YAY, I love your reviews!

I love these. They crack me up. Fashion is so funny!

What are those collars? Even Vague’s high fashion model looks alarmed. Maybe Granny’s antimacassar grabbed her round the neck whilst she was sitting, unsuspectingly in the armchair.
I love your reviews Sinead. (Go back and do WInter…goan goan, you know you want to!)

Love the flying squirrel!

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it!! 🙂

Do you know where you can buy the Vogue Knitting magazine in Ireland? Do you get yours shipped from the US? I was going to order it from the website, but they were going to charge $18 for shipping…

OMG! You are so funny!
I totally agree with your description 🙂

I have just found your blog and will follow!


I kept looking for your winter review:) anyway, thanks for the spring – as usual I’ll skip this one. spring/summer issues rarely do it for me… I am not a squirrel, nor am I 6 and want to wear a collar. I hate vintage for the most part, don’t do hoodies without sleeves and so on… nope, spring/summer is still a no-go…
all the best from another hp knitter:)

I am nearly crying I am laughing so hard! I have never seen your reviews before but I am hooked! I am also so glad I am not alone in thinking that Vogue has no idea what real people wear! Thanks for the laughs!

great review, made me laugh hard. I’m re-thinking my subscription to VK, this issue was a major yarn. But Knits is also getting TIRED and dwindling numbers of patterns every issue.

your reviews are lol. flying squirrels aside, I would like to make the “batwing” lace sweater shown above the squirrely cartigan but I don’t want to spend the money on the tencel yarn. Do you have any suggestions for a substitute yarn that would hang nicely in this lace pattern?

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