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Happy St. Patricks Day

Posted on: March 17, 2013

Today in Ireland it is St. Patricks Day, or St. Paddys Day, NOT St. Pattys Day.  There is no begorrah and begosh, no Bing Crosby singing to little people called O’Flaherty and no shillelagh carrying leprechauns minding pots of gold.

And probably most importantly, THERE IS NO CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE. Irish people do not eat this stuff. I’ve never ever eaten it. If you want to cook a “national dish”, I would suggest lamb stew.

Today is our national holiday when we celebrate being the unique people that we are. I thought this post from a couple of years ago was well worth recycling for the occasion:

Today, there will be none of this:

Or this:

Or this:

That is what people other than Irish people do. Here, there will be lots of this:














I’m flying along with the Openwork Rib Socks. Getting very close to the end of the ball though, I really hope I have enough yarn!

Good knitting!


8 Responses to "Happy St. Patricks Day"

Cute puppy pic! And boy o’ boy, I could use warmer socks.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 Cheerzs, Uncle Tree

Corned beef and cabbage is what happened when Irish people came to America in the big immigration wave of the late 19th century, because it was the cheapest cut of beef and the people who immigrated often lived in amazingly poverty. Being in a marriage with an Irish immigrant, I think of those people often – his immigration experience a century later was quite a different thing.

So that’s why Americans think of it as an Irish dish – it was, but not one that was eaten in Ireland!

We started out the morning by my first attempt at duplicating my mother-in-law’s fried soda bread. Definitely needs some work, but it definitely improves with Barry’s, raspberry jam and Kerry gold! (Living with an immigrant does have its perks. We won’t discuss the grocery bill for all the Cadburys.)

Fact – the first apartment I spent time in when I started coming to New York was a renovated Irish tenement, complete with fixtures for where the gas lighting was put in…and a shower in the kitchen and a WC off the bedroom.

You mean you’re not all proudly displaying your leprechaun names, wishing each other a top ‘o the mornin’? 🙂 Happy St. Patricks Day, Sinéad!

Hey! Lovely to hear from you, hope everyone is well chez Dear 🙂

Sadly there’s no leprechaun action going on today. Actually I feel sorry for everyone who have gone to the various parades today. It has snowed, rained and hailstoned today. Miserable weather! Happy Paddys Day to you too, have a Jemmy tonight!

I agree with every word you have said except the corned beef bit. I love corned beef. We had it for dinner last week, it’s great cold for sandwiches the next day too. I just boiled it for about 3 hours. So yum, so so yum. No cabbage though 😀

no leprechauns or parades here either – but definitely some knitting! no choice in this weather – I had planned for some gardening, but I don’t want to drown or freeze:) happy st patrick’s day to you and yours!
Bettina – from mayo

I read today (CNN?) that there are seven times more American Irish the population of Ireland. We also paint our rivers green for the day. Hooray for the Irish!

Interesting how things get turned around, huh! Happy day anyway!

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