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Mosaic Knitting

Posted on: April 6, 2013

Sometimes knitting surprises me. In a good way, of course. When I started knitting the Double Spiral socks I thought these were going to be challenging. Not so. These were super easy socks. Not something I’ll be telling anyone else except you, of course! When asked were they hard I shall sigh dramatically and say “sometimes you have to put in a lot of effort to get good results” or something to that effect so that everyone will think my knitting skillz are off the charts.

But between you and me, these were ridiculously easy. Honest. You knit two rounds at a time with one colour and slip the required stitches of the other colour. Switch to the other colour and repeat. Another good thing is that it’s a great way of using up odds of yarn. Y’know, when you have one skein of something left that’s not enough to make anything on it’s own. This is perfect for those skeins. These socks used 1 skein of the main cocoa brown and about 3/4 of the pumpkin colour. Not bad I think!

Pattern: Double Spiral Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss in Cocoa and Pumpkin, 1 skein of cocoa and about 3/4 of a skein of pumpkin.

Needles: 2.5mm dpns

I *love* them. Mosaic knitting is definitely something I’ll be doing again!

Last blog post I got lots of votes for the socks above, and also for the teal yarn. So, I cast on for a pair of Bluebell Rib socks as soon as I’d finished the mosaic ones. Why not, when I’m on a sock roll! This yarn is just scrummy. The silk blend makes it so soft, and the colour so vibrant. Every so often you see a bit of sparkle from the silk too. I absolutely adore this yarn. Good job I have several other skeins in my woolrobe!

They’re flying along, as you can see. I’m on the gusset decreases of the first sock already. I love speedy knitting.

In other news,  I might have fallen off the stashdown wagon a little bit. I blame fatigue. I was tired and cranky and it was Friday. The little devil on my left shoulder drowned out the angel on my right shoulder and made me go to the Wollmeise site. Made me. 5 minutes later and my wallet €45 lighter, and I’ve ordered some yarn. I don’t even know what yarn it is, it’s a mystery grab bag of various complementary colours. Sheesh. That’s the sign of a true addict!

My two weeks off work have positively flown by in a haze of doing things for other people. Parents (honestly it’s something different EVERY freaking day) and Alice. Alice was good fun though. We went shopping – OMG she has become such a teenager trying infinite amounts of clothes on in infinite amounts of shops. We got our hair cut and she got her ears pierced. Total girly girl. Aww. She had fun, so that’s the main thing. I think I’m trying to make up for the fact that I won’t have my 7 weeks off this summer. She’s really putting the guilts on me over that. I guess I can’t blame her, I’d have done the same at her age. Anyway, Mammy daughter bonding was in full force.

Oh! One last thing – operation transformation has commenced here. We bought a treadmill last night. If it didn’t kill us to assemble then I reckon we’re safe to exercise. Those things are HEAVY y’all. Pushing it up the stairs and then trying to screw Part A into Receptacle Y with Screw X was no fun, let me tell you. BUT. It’s an amazeballs treadmill, you can connect it to Google maps and set your walking route anywhere in the world! It knows the terrain and sets the inclines etc. accordingly. Woot! I know where my first walk is going to be – all around the house in Florida. Now THAT’S motivation to lose weight!


Good knitting!


4 Responses to "Mosaic Knitting"

Those are pretty fancy socks! And you’re already cranking out the next pair. Impressed.

As for the treadmill – can you see where you are walking around too? That would be really cool. Care to join me for a walk? I’m going to the Retiro Park here in Madrid. 🙂

And you can knit while walking! Love it!

Love the socks too. 🙂

I am glad the colorwork ones were easy – they don’t look it! they look like a million bucks worth of knitting – fabulous.

The socks are really nice. And so great you had the two weeks off. Doesn’t time off go waaaayyy tooooo fast! I took just a few days off with my daughter and mom last week and it flew by!
That treadmill sounds amazing! I have a boring one and hardly use it! But the idea of hooking it up to google and walking different places is just genius!

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