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Report Card: F

Posted on: June 19, 2013

Alice got her report card from school the other day. Her last ever report card from primary school (sob). It made me think of what would my report card say about my blogging? An F is a fairly generous score, I think. I’ve been abysmally bad this year, dear reader, and I do apologise for it.

I have a fair bit of stuff to get through this post though, so maybe the absence will be made up for (a little bit) with proof that I have still been doing something.

First up, an FO!:


Pattern: PeaPod Baby Jacket by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Tea Rose. I’m unsure of the number of skeins as I was using leftovers. Probably about 2 1/2. I made the 12 month size.

Needles: 3.75mm

This pattern is so annoying. The finished result is fantastic, I really like it, but the pattern is confusing and unnecessarily difficult. If I were to do it again, I’d rewrite it so much that I could probably release it as a pattern in its own right. Far too much seaming for me.

The Bluebell Rib sock of doom continues. I’ve turned the heel:


It’s going fine, but it’s feeling like a never ending project. I really have lost my mojo at the moment.

BUT. this arrived and I thought all my mojo had come back like a tidal wave:


It’s the Circular Stranded BSJ!!! The minute I heard about this I *had* to order it. Which I did, back in April. Alas, it never arrived. But the lovely people in Schoolhouse Press (especially Tami) were super helpful. They were really lovely and sent me out a second copy. I can’t rate them highly enough.

So, I cast on with some leftover Jamieson & Smith Jumper weight I had in my stash. Holy cow, the pattern is confusing. I enlarged the charts & printed them out, but I just got tied up in knots. I think this is a pattern that requires full attention, so I’m going to attempt it again next week when I’m off work.


Yes! I’m off work next week! WOO! Lie ins! Uninterrupted knitting time! WOO!


I’ve been feeling my age a bit recently too. I’m 40 on Saturday and I’m feeling very down about it. Sad, I know, but I can’t help it. So, I decided today to buy myself a treat to cheer me up. Off to This Is Knit I went today and this is what I got:


Knit Real Shetland. Knitting. Shetland. Colourwork. What’s not to love?

The A-B-C-SJ:


While I was there I had to get this. I know I have made a ton of them before and I already have the pattern in EZ’s books, but this gives line by line instructions and includes mods like a collar and hood. I had to get it.

Jamieson & Smith Cobweb yarn:


Cobweb! I must be having a mid life crisis. I also got some beads to go with it:


God knows what I’ll make with the yarn & beads, but sure it’ll be fun trying.


In other, fantastic news, Dad got the all clear today from the hosp. the cancer is not back. PHEW! He will, however, need another hernia surgery, but that’s a small bridge to cross. Thank heavens!


So, raise a glass to me this Saturday if you can, and here’s to hoping that there’ll be another 40 years and that they’ll be s action packed at the previous 40!


Ooh! I almost forgot. I got the Early Fall edition of Vogue Knitting the other day. I feel a review coming on!


5 Responses to "Report Card: F"

It’s always good to spoil yourself. It’s my birthday soon and I bought my present myself and the same for M!! I kid you not. Can’t wait to see what you knit from Knit Real Shetland – but cobweb yarn?! You must be mad! 🙂

Happy Birthday! I know it looks like a big number but wait until you’re facing the number with a ‘5’ in it and then bring me your angst. You’re so young! Of course you’re entitled to all the treats you want ‘tho, especially knitting ones. 😉

Aw thanks Nic 🙂 I’ll get over it, I’m sure. But a few days licking my wounds and examining my grey hairs is allowed, no? Then I’ll be right as rain!

Have a great weekend!


oh come on, you’re not even halfway there (unline me!):) congrats anyway – looks like you smoothed over the “angst” nicely:) and I love the peapod – checked it on rav, went to my knits mags – just to find out it’s not in there:( and not available right now either! well, I just go off and look for another nice baby cardie pattern….

enjoy the big 4-0 – and many more happy ones to come!! (just think of all the yarns you can treat yourself to:)

Bettina (who doesn’t care one bit about the numbers, as long as there’s enough wool and enough ideas in my head:)

ehm, that should have been “unlike”:) freud’s in my head – unline me, please:)

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