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To Do Lists

Posted on: February 16, 2014

I love lists. If I’m not making one, I’m crossing things off one. I’ve found that as I’m getting older and particularly with my current stressful situation, if I don’t put something on a list it will invariably be forgotten.

One other thing I’ve noticed is how little I do for myself. Take for example my current list of knitting projects:

1. Finish hubby’s Christmas socks in time for his birthday at the end of the month. (I just can’t seem to find the mojo to knit these, even though I’m almost at the heel flap of the 2nd one)

2. Knit a vest for my Dad for his birthday on March 10.

3. Crochet this cute owl for Alice for her birthday near the end of March (she loves owls):

4. Knit a blanket for my Mam to keep her legs warm in the hospital in time for Mother’s Day on March 30.

Not an inconsiderable list I think. I doubt I’ll get it all done, but I’ll have to try.

There is some knitting for me going on, but not a whole heap. Work progresses on my featherweight cardigan, but it’s slow going as it’s lace weight. I do love the yarn though – Jaggerspun Zephyr silk/wool. Lovely and soft and the colour sheen is gorgeous.

I’m off work this week (can I get a yay?) so I hope to make some progress.

Good knitting!

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1 Response to "To Do Lists"

I love lists too. I always start mine with ‘make a list’ so I can tick something off straight away, which helps with motivation, sad huh? I definitely think something for you should be on your list. You deserve it!

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