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So Much For Lists

Posted on: February 23, 2014

Well. After my last post I’m a bit embarrassed to say I totally ignored my list and spent the week sewing! I’m totally smitten with my new machine.
 First of all I made a strap type thing to prevent hubby rolling onto his back and holding his breath. Basically, it’s an elastic strap held together with Velcro and encased in cotton. On the back is a bag that contains a ball which is nice & hard to make him turn over onto his side.
 I have no pics, but I might take some and do a tutorial as I think it’s something that someone who suffers from sleep apnoea would find very useful. To buy something similar is about €140 and I made mine for less than €10! Plus it’s smaller and more comfortable so you can travel with it easier.
 It took me ages to make it as I was making it up as I went along. However, hubby declares it a great success so I’m happy. I needed to get some cotton for it, so off I went to the fabric shop. While there I had a root in the remnant bin and look what I found:

 What fabulous oilcloth! I just had to buy it. I decided to make a bag for Alice to carry her gym gear to school in. I followed this tutorial. I found sewing with oilcloth to be very difficult. I broke needles and the denim thread I had wasn’t strong enough. I did find that covering the bottom of my all purpose sewing foot with masking tape was a big help to stop it sticking.
 About 5 hours of swearing and ripping later, I had this:

 How cool is that? I love it so much I think I might make another one, I have tons of fabric leftover. I was also thinking of making a wallet, I saw a great tutorial on
 Not content with that bag, I decided to make another one! I had bought a kit for this bag from at the knitting and stitching show last year for €25. This took me about 4 hours to make:

Isn’t it lush? I absolutely love it. So much. Look at the lining and magnetic closure:

Squee! I’m definitely using this as my handbag when I go back to work tomorrow. It might just make it a little less difficult. Nah, who am I kidding, I’ll be dragged back kicking & screaming. Boo.
 Let’s not talk about the (lack of) knitting that (didn’t) happen this week. Sssh.
 Good knitting! Or maybe that should be sewing?

1 Response to "So Much For Lists"

Both of those bags look absolutely amazing! Well done – doing the beautiful fabrics proud 🙂

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