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I am of a certain age where I remember a game show called Blockbusters. It used to be on tv in the afternoons and I’d watch it when I got home from school.


I was reminded of it when I was looking at m progress on my hexagon blanket. I was really struggling with the pattern for the blanket I mentioned in my last post so I sought the advice of one of my work colleagues who happens to be a pretty good crocheter. She pointed me towards a different hexagon pattern and I’m finding it much easier.. Look! Loads of hexagons!



I think they look good. Well, at least they look like hexagons!


It’s been pretty busy round here recently so I’ve not had a chance to do as much knitting and crocheting as I wanted to. Dad has another colonoscopy and CT scan on Monday so I’ve got to take Monday and Tuesday off work to mind him and Mam. Poor Dad hasn’t been so well recently so I hope this sorts it out. I’m worried the cancer is back as he’s lost more weight (if that’s possible) and he’s looking tired and gaunt. Fingers crossed it’s not.


Good knitting and crocheting!


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