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At last! The socks of doom  Bluebell Rib socks are finished! According to Ravelry I cast on these socks on  April 4. Sheesh. I hang my head in shame. Call myself a sock knitter??? In any event, I think they turned out well and are nice and comfy:


Pattern: Bluebell Rib Socks by Charlene Schurch from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Yarn: Cascade Heritage Silk

Needles: 2.5mm dpn

This is my leftovers. How I could have looked at the ball previously and thought I had made two I have no idea. I did enjoy making them though, the 6 round repeat was nice and easy to remember.


Remember I said I was 40 last Saturday? Well. Let me tell you I was thoroughly spoiled. Look at the lovely card my hubby made for me. Sheep!


And then I opened my present. Ooh. A limited edition Princess Grace Mont Blanc fountain pen.


Ooh. It’s just the most loveliest fantastic gorgeous pen ever. And I got a ton of inks in purple, oyster grey and blue. I ADORE it. I shall write with it everywhere.


But that wasn’t all. Oh no. I was packed off to the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa (a super posh hotel) for an afternoon of Jacuzzi, facial and hairdo. Sigh. It was wonderful. I had my lunch served to me poolside on a silver tray with a chocolate mousse cake made for me by the chef with Happy Birthday in white chocolate. The facial was just divine and I felt like a movie star after my hairdo.

Then it was off to the cocktail bar for a mojito (or two) before a super posh dinner. Afterwards I was so tired I could only manage one more mojito before I declared the best birthday in the world ever to be done and we headed home. I loved every second of my day thanks to my darling hubby. He really pulled out all the stops. If this is what being 40 is all about, bring it on!!


Good knitting!


Alice got her report card from school the other day. Her last ever report card from primary school (sob). It made me think of what would my report card say about my blogging? An F is a fairly generous score, I think. I’ve been abysmally bad this year, dear reader, and I do apologise for it.

I have a fair bit of stuff to get through this post though, so maybe the absence will be made up for (a little bit) with proof that I have still been doing something.

First up, an FO!:


Pattern: PeaPod Baby Jacket by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Tea Rose. I’m unsure of the number of skeins as I was using leftovers. Probably about 2 1/2. I made the 12 month size.

Needles: 3.75mm

This pattern is so annoying. The finished result is fantastic, I really like it, but the pattern is confusing and unnecessarily difficult. If I were to do it again, I’d rewrite it so much that I could probably release it as a pattern in its own right. Far too much seaming for me.

The Bluebell Rib sock of doom continues. I’ve turned the heel:


It’s going fine, but it’s feeling like a never ending project. I really have lost my mojo at the moment.

BUT. this arrived and I thought all my mojo had come back like a tidal wave:


It’s the Circular Stranded BSJ!!! The minute I heard about this I *had* to order it. Which I did, back in April. Alas, it never arrived. But the lovely people in Schoolhouse Press (especially Tami) were super helpful. They were really lovely and sent me out a second copy. I can’t rate them highly enough.

So, I cast on with some leftover Jamieson & Smith Jumper weight I had in my stash. Holy cow, the pattern is confusing. I enlarged the charts & printed them out, but I just got tied up in knots. I think this is a pattern that requires full attention, so I’m going to attempt it again next week when I’m off work.


Yes! I’m off work next week! WOO! Lie ins! Uninterrupted knitting time! WOO!


I’ve been feeling my age a bit recently too. I’m 40 on Saturday and I’m feeling very down about it. Sad, I know, but I can’t help it. So, I decided today to buy myself a treat to cheer me up. Off to This Is Knit I went today and this is what I got:


Knit Real Shetland. Knitting. Shetland. Colourwork. What’s not to love?

The A-B-C-SJ:


While I was there I had to get this. I know I have made a ton of them before and I already have the pattern in EZ’s books, but this gives line by line instructions and includes mods like a collar and hood. I had to get it.

Jamieson & Smith Cobweb yarn:


Cobweb! I must be having a mid life crisis. I also got some beads to go with it:


God knows what I’ll make with the yarn & beads, but sure it’ll be fun trying.


In other, fantastic news, Dad got the all clear today from the hosp. the cancer is not back. PHEW! He will, however, need another hernia surgery, but that’s a small bridge to cross. Thank heavens!


So, raise a glass to me this Saturday if you can, and here’s to hoping that there’ll be another 40 years and that they’ll be s action packed at the previous 40!


Ooh! I almost forgot. I got the Early Fall edition of Vogue Knitting the other day. I feel a review coming on!

Discoveries can be good and bad things, depending on what it is that you discover. This last week brought me to both sides of discovery gorge, craft wise.

First of all, I picked up my bluebell rib socks again. I powered along with the foot and when I reached the toe, I got all excited. Yipee! I thought. Another pair of socks done for my Sensational Sock Project. I felt really good about myself.


When I cast off, I went looking for the other one so I could try them on and take a photo for this here blog. Emm. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I had tidied up flung all my knitting stuff into a basket and dumped it into the craft room before the party for Alice’s confirmation last weekend. Maybe it was in there? Nope. I searched high and low for the damn sock to no avail. For some reason I decided to look in the little project bag that held the finished sock, just in case, even though I knew it wasn’t in there. Hmm, I thought. That leftover ball of yarn looks suspiciously big for one that has been used to knit two socks. *CLANG* The penny dropped. I discovered that the sock I had just finished was the first one. VanDammit.


In a fit of pique I decided I was going to tidy out the craft room, because it was clearly the rooms fault that I thought I had knit the first sock already. Well, well, well. What did I discover??
I only went & found a copy of the elusive Peapod Baby Set by Kate Gilbert! Woo! What a find! For some bizarre reason this pattern just vanished from the Interweave site and Kate never republished it. Very strange. But! I found my copy! What a discovery. I rummaged in the woolrobe and skipped downstairs, sock forgotten. I’m going to give this a go using this yarn I have leftover from a Phyllo Yoke Sweater I knit forever ago:



I have 3 balls of this ggh safari yarn in a lovely soft green. Just like peas. It’s a linen polyamide blend, so should be suited to machine washing. I just hope it turns out ok, I found it a bit stringy before. But, I shall soldier on, delighted with my discovery.

It’s not the only gem I discovered, oh no. I also found this:

This here is crochet guys. The Patchwork Throw by Erika Knight, to be precise.  Mmm-hmm. I know. But look. Look at the colours and the hexagons that appeal to my inner laws of straightness. It’s gorgeous. And a super stashbusting project! Woo! Another fab discovery. I cast on (hooked on?) for this one too, only this one is a bit moody. Well, ok. I’m sure the pattern is fine, it’s just me that sucks at crochet. Fairly epically. See:

Not very hexagon-y, I think you’ll agree. Not to be defeated, I ploughed on. It didn’t get any better.


They remind me of a group of jellyfish, with their tentacles hanging down. But that’s another show. Still determined, I brought my “hexagons” and the pattern into work today & consulted a crochet guru. Armed with a harmony stitch guide and a charted (!) version of this hexagon I am about to re-enter the foray.


Cover me guys, I’m going in. This might get ugly.


Good knitting (or hooking)!

Sometimes knitting surprises me. In a good way, of course. When I started knitting the Double Spiral socks I thought these were going to be challenging. Not so. These were super easy socks. Not something I’ll be telling anyone else except you, of course! When asked were they hard I shall sigh dramatically and say “sometimes you have to put in a lot of effort to get good results” or something to that effect so that everyone will think my knitting skillz are off the charts.

But between you and me, these were ridiculously easy. Honest. You knit two rounds at a time with one colour and slip the required stitches of the other colour. Switch to the other colour and repeat. Another good thing is that it’s a great way of using up odds of yarn. Y’know, when you have one skein of something left that’s not enough to make anything on it’s own. This is perfect for those skeins. These socks used 1 skein of the main cocoa brown and about 3/4 of the pumpkin colour. Not bad I think!

Pattern: Double Spiral Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss in Cocoa and Pumpkin, 1 skein of cocoa and about 3/4 of a skein of pumpkin.

Needles: 2.5mm dpns

I *love* them. Mosaic knitting is definitely something I’ll be doing again!

Last blog post I got lots of votes for the socks above, and also for the teal yarn. So, I cast on for a pair of Bluebell Rib socks as soon as I’d finished the mosaic ones. Why not, when I’m on a sock roll! This yarn is just scrummy. The silk blend makes it so soft, and the colour so vibrant. Every so often you see a bit of sparkle from the silk too. I absolutely adore this yarn. Good job I have several other skeins in my woolrobe!

They’re flying along, as you can see. I’m on the gusset decreases of the first sock already. I love speedy knitting.

In other news,  I might have fallen off the stashdown wagon a little bit. I blame fatigue. I was tired and cranky and it was Friday. The little devil on my left shoulder drowned out the angel on my right shoulder and made me go to the Wollmeise site. Made me. 5 minutes later and my wallet €45 lighter, and I’ve ordered some yarn. I don’t even know what yarn it is, it’s a mystery grab bag of various complementary colours. Sheesh. That’s the sign of a true addict!

My two weeks off work have positively flown by in a haze of doing things for other people. Parents (honestly it’s something different EVERY freaking day) and Alice. Alice was good fun though. We went shopping – OMG she has become such a teenager trying infinite amounts of clothes on in infinite amounts of shops. We got our hair cut and she got her ears pierced. Total girly girl. Aww. She had fun, so that’s the main thing. I think I’m trying to make up for the fact that I won’t have my 7 weeks off this summer. She’s really putting the guilts on me over that. I guess I can’t blame her, I’d have done the same at her age. Anyway, Mammy daughter bonding was in full force.

Oh! One last thing – operation transformation has commenced here. We bought a treadmill last night. If it didn’t kill us to assemble then I reckon we’re safe to exercise. Those things are HEAVY y’all. Pushing it up the stairs and then trying to screw Part A into Receptacle Y with Screw X was no fun, let me tell you. BUT. It’s an amazeballs treadmill, you can connect it to Google maps and set your walking route anywhere in the world! It knows the terrain and sets the inclines etc. accordingly. Woot! I know where my first walk is going to be – all around the house in Florida. Now THAT’S motivation to lose weight!


Good knitting!

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